Wreath Gift Tag


Small White Tag
Medium Sisal Wreath
Assorted E- Beads
1 yd. of 26 gauge Colored Wire for words
12” each of 4 different colored wires (26 gauge)
4” of 1/4 “ ribbon for bow
Paper awl or T-Pin
2.5” x 4.75” Cardstock, coordinating color
8” of fibers for tie
Double stick tape
Wire cutters
Paper edger
Ό” hole punch
Low temp glue gun & glue sticks


On the tag, mark dots of the placement of the letters with the pencil. Use the paper awl or a T-Pin to pierce the cardstock and make holes for the wire to go through at the start and ending of the letters.

Cut the wire into 9” lengths. Secure the beginning ends of the wire on the back of the tag. Pull wire through from the back to start forming the letters. Twist & curl the ends of the wire to make them more decorative. Cut off excess wire. Set aside.

Cut the 12” of colored wires into 6” pieces. Take one of the 6” lengths and string some E-beads on. Carefully wrap the wire around the wreath, making sure the beads are showing. Add more beads as you go until you reach the last 1” of the wire. Wrap & curl the end of the wire securely onto the wreath. Repeat with the other colors of wire. Wrap and curl some of the wires onto the wreath without any beads on. Use the last 2 wires to secure the wreath to the tag. Pierce a set of holes into the tag and twist the wire around the wreath and onto the tag.

Make a small bow with the Ό” ribbon and glue to the wreath. Use double-stick tape to attach the decorated tag onto the colored cardstock. Center the tag onto the cardstock. Trim the edges of the cardstock with a decorative paper edger. Use the Ό” hole punch to make a hole in the cardstock by the tag’s hole. Slip knot the fibers into the holes.

Another option is to attach a pin back behind the wreath and pinning to the tag.

Click here for the Beaded Gift Tag.


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