Year of the Rat Calendar


4 ” x 6” gray Foamie 77613417

7” x 3 ” Gray Felt 30061427

2 qty. 10mm Moving Eyes 30055157

1 qty. ” Black Pompom 30006966

2008 Calendar Printout

12” piece of 1/8” Black Satin Ribbon 77801654






X-acto Knife 77504092

Low Temp. Glue Gun and Glue Sticks



Trace and cut out pieces from the Foamie and felt according to the pattern.


Cut 2 slits into the gray Foamie with the X-acto knife according to the pattern. *Use caution when handling the X-acto knife.


Fold the ears in half lengthwise and slide it through the 2 slits on the pointed side of the rat’s body. Place the eyes below the ears on the rat’s face and glue in place. Place the black pompom on the pointed tip of the rat’s face and glue in place.


Cut out the calendar pages. Put them in order and staple it to the rat’s body (see pictured sample).


Thread the 1/8” back satin ribbon around the middle of the ears behind the rat’s body. Tie the ends of the ribbon together.


2007 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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