Year of the Rat Magnet


” x 1 ” Gray Foamie 77613471

” x ” Pink Foamie 77361596

1 ” x 2 ” Pink Felt 77676718

3” pink Chenille Stem 77674176

2 qty. 5mm Moving Eyes 30055154

1 ” Black Crochet Thread 77525691

” White Pompom 30006969

1 ” White Pompom 30006982

Wooden Clothespin 30075513

2” Magnet Strip 30055172





Black Sharpie

Low Temp. Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

” Heart Punch



Trace and cut out pieces from Foamies and felt according to the patterns.


Glue the ” pompom to the 1 ” pompom. The ” pompom will be the head.


Use the ” heart punch to punch out 1 heart from the pink Foamie. This will be the nose. Cut the black crochet thread in half. Lay the 2 pieces of thread on top of each other. Place and center the nose on top of the threads and glue in place. Place the nose/whiskers in the front center of the head and glue in place. Place the 5mm eyes above the nose and glue in place.


Dot a small amount of glue at the bottom of each ear. Pinch the bottom sides together so that it stays shut. Glue the ears on the sides of the rat’s head where the head meets the body, making sure the pinched edges are at the bottom of the ear. By hand, curl one end of the chenille stem. Glue the uncurled end to the end of the 1 ” pompom for the tail.


With the Black Sharpie, write “2008” vertically on the gray Foamie.


Place the 2008 sign vertically on one end of the clothespin and glue in place. Place the pompom rat above the sign and glue in place.


2007 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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