Yellow Chinese Coin Card
This project courtesy of Fiskars®. 


Fiskars® Texture Plate Energy

Fiskars® ShapeCutter Tool

Fiskars® ShapeTemplate Tool - Circles-1 w/Scallop Border

Fiskars® No. 7 All-Purpose Scissors

Fiskars® Hand Punch - ¼" Rectangle

12" iridescent copper ribbon ¼" wide

12" copper wire 26 gauge

Card stock - chocolate, periwinkle, tan, white

Envelope template

Japanese coin with hole (can substitute a charm)


Purple suede paper

Xyron machine with sticker cartridge


Cut a piece of yellow cardstock to measure 5½" x 11". Fold in half and score to create a card that measures 5½" square.

Cut a piece of vellum paper to measure 5" x 10½". Fold in half and score to create a card that measures 5" x 5¼".

Lay front flap of yellow card onto craft mat. Using ShapeCutter with Circles ShapeTemplate, cut a 1½" circle in center of front flap.

Lay front flap of vellum piece onto craft mat and, using ShapeCutter with Circles ShapeTemplate, cut a 2½" circle in center of front flap of vellum piece. Lay cut vellum flap onto texture plate (face down onto plate). Either rub stylus across vellum or individually emboss circles onto entire front flap of vellum card.
NOTE:  ShapeBoss tray can be used to secure texture plate in place.

On yellow card, using circle hand punch, punch a hole 1/16" just above and also just below circle. Tie 2 pieces of craft fibers to coin. Thread ends of craft fibers through holes near cut circle on front flap of card and tie, centering coin in the middle of cut circle.

Insert yellow card inside vellum piece. Using rectangle punch, punch into fold of card approximately 1" in from each edge. Cut several strands of craft fibers to measure 16". Thread each end of fibers through rectangle holes from outside card to inside. Cross fibers inside card along spine, then thread fiber ends back out through opposite holes. Trim ends of fibers as desired.

Using one clear mounting sticker in each bottom corner, adhere vellum piece to front flap of card to prevent curling of vellum.

© 2006 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.

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