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This project courtesy of Fiskars.








Fiskars ShapeBoss™ Embossing System Starter Set

Fiskars ShapeBoss™ Stencil Set Lettering Whimsical

Fiskars ShapeCutter™ Tool

Fiskars ShapeTemplate™ Tool - Letters-1

Fiskars Sunburst Border Punch

Fiskars Hand Punch - ⅛" Circle

12" x 12" Background Paper - Patterned

Cardstocks - white, yellow

Decorating Chalk - brown, yellow


Metal embellishing shapes

Eyelets - (7) yellow

Eyelet applicator tool


Craft glue

Glitter gel pen



Trim photo to desired size. Adhere to white cardstock using photo stickers. Tear white cardstock around photo, leaving approximately a " torn border. Adhere layers to yellow cardstock. Trim yellow piece around torn piece, leaving approximately a " border.

Cut a piece of white cardstock to measure 5" x 5". Using border punch, punch along all 4 edges of this cardstock piece. Insert border punched piece between stencils on ShapeBoss tray. Along bottom edge of punched piece, emboss 3 squiggly line and diamond shapes. In the center of the piece, emboss sun shape. Remove one stencil to use as chalking stencil. Chalk sun and lines/diamonds border using yellow chalk. Adhered this piece to yellow cardstock. Tear yellow piece around punched border, leaving approximately a " border. Lightly chalk around torn border of yellow cardstock using brown chalk.

Using hand punch, punch circle in each corner of white cardstock piece. Insert eyelet into one hole. Flip this piece over onto craft mat. Insert eyelet tool into backside of eyelet. Gently tap two to three times onto tool, or until backside of eyelet begins to curl over. Remove tool, then tap one to two more times directly onto eyelet with hammer to finish. Repeat for remaining eyelets.

Tear a strip from white cardstock to measure approximately 1" x 9". Lightly chalk around torn edges with brown chalk.

Insert eyelet into metal embellishments and finish each eyelet according to instructions above. (NOTE: embellishments need not be attached to anything at this time, but will be attached to torn strip later)

Adhere strip to background paper using photo stickers.

Using craft glue, adhere 2 larger gold buttons to torn strip, approximately 2" apart. Between these buttons, adhere swirl metal embellishment using craft glue. Adhere star metal embellishments outside each button. Adhere 2 smaller brown buttons near outer edge of strip.

Using ShapeCutter with Letters ShapeTemplate and craft mat, cut all letters in word "SUNSHINE". Lightly chalk along left edge of all letters using brown chalk. Adhere every other letter to background paper using photo stickers, and remaining letters to background paper using pop dots.

Cut a piece of yellow cardstock to measure 1" x 1". Tear a rectangle from white cardstock to measure approximately 1" x ". Journal "you are my" onto this piece. Adhere this piece to center of yellow rectangle. Adhere to background piece above "SUNSHINE" header.

Adhere photo layers and embossed layers below strip.


2006 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.

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